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Level up your branding

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Why our templates

💜  Create beautiful email campaigns

We've put together a beautiful collection of templates tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. These templates provide stunning layouts that will surely boost your business and cater to your email marketing needs, without requiring any design or technical skills to edit.

💜  No design or technical skills needed

Easily swap imagery, change fonts and text, and update colors to match your businesses branding. All our templates come in Canva, Photoshop, and Sketch formats so you can pick which software works best for you. Our Canva email templates are easy-to-use and intuitive, giving you back hours of time so you can focus on your most important tasks.

💜  Drive traffic, get more sales

Level up your branding by extending it beyond your website alone. Email marketing is an excellent way to engage and convert subscribers, as well as drive traffic to your website.

💜   Professionally designed

Hiring a designer can be tedious and expensive. We have helped hundreds of small businesses take off with our affordable email templates. All of our newsletter templates are designed by professional graphic designers. With these original templates, you won't have to be frustrated with designing emails anymore.

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