How to Edit in Canva

What is Canva?

Canva is an online-based graphics editing tool. It's totally free to use and doesn't require any software downloads to edit your templates. I love Canva because the learning curve is very minimal – simply open your document and start editing immediately. You can sign up for a free account here

Email layout

Each email template will come in one document (Canva or Photoshop) with separate artboards. Our templates are completely image-based. This means that each "section" exports as one image. Each section can only have one hyperlink when imported into Mailchimp.

* This means you cannot hyperlink to each individual product. Mailchimp doesn't allow an easy way to do this. I recommend hyperlinking to the collection that the product is in (ex. Linking to "Mother's day gift" collection on your online store).

Changing colors, fonts, and text

Changing basic elements in Canva is super easy. Simply click on what you'd like to edit and options will appear on the left-hand side. For changing colors, you can either select a new color or pick from document colors. Same with text – select pre-made font styling or search for your brand font under the "Text" block.

Replacing images

To use your own imagery, click on the tab "Uploads" on the left-hand column. Click "upload an image or video." Select your image from your computer. Once the image is uploaded, you can drag and drop it over an image in the template to replace it. Done!

Exporting images

To export and save your template, click on the white down arrow in the top-right that says "Publish." Click "Download." Select the type of file you'd like to save it as and which pages you'd like to export. Click Done > Download and save to your computer.


Uploading into Mailchimp (manually)

To upload your images into a Mailchimp campaign, drag and drop an Image Block onto your email. Upload your image. Click on "Settings" and make sure "edge-to-edge" and "Constrain image dimensions by 50% for high-resolution screens" is checked off. 

Syncing with Mailchimp (automatically)

You can sync directly with Mailchimp from Canva to create your email campaigns even more seamlessly. Simply click Publish > See more > Mailchimp. Sign in with your Mailchimp credentials. Once it's been synced, click "View in Mailchimp." You'll still need to create a new email campaign and upload your images into your email from your files. 

Drag and drop an Image block into your email. Click on "Upload an image" and select an image that was synced from Canva. Done! 

Happy sending!